Events and activities

Crop Over(June to August)

The colourful costumes, vibrant cultural performances and rhythmic music associated with this five week summer festival have made Crop Over the highlight of Barbados' annual calendar. There is so much to do and see during this time but some events are not to be missed!

The Holetown Festival (February)

The Holetown Festival commemorates the day English settlers landed in Holetown. Over the years, the festival has become so popular that it is now held over an eight day period including a large street fair. Other activities include: traditional Tuk Band and Calypso performances, art exhibitions, a vintage motor vehicle parade (always a highlight!) and a thrilling tattoo performed by the Royal Barbados Police Force.

Holder Season(March to April)

Hailed as one of the world's most attractive 'boutique' festivals, Holders Season is a mix of comedy, jazz, opera, theatre and so much more. Every year, the amphitheatre at the magnificent Holders House is home to a series of performances by artists from the UK, parts of Africa, Canada, the USA, you name it. The intimate, outdoor setting is enchanting and the wide range of events means that there is something for everyone. Each night is a different event, culminating with a Gala dinner on the last day.

Christmas Jazz (December)

One of the highly anticipated events on the December calendar is Christmas Jazz. Every year, a collection of some of the world's best jazz musicians are brought together to form a full band for two nights. The intimate setting of the Plantation theatre is the perfect venue as the sweet sounds of Christmas carols are performed with a jazz twist. Tickets are limited and always sold out.


Cricket is the national sport of Barbados. Thousands of Barbadians and visitors come from far and wide to watch world-class matches at the famous Kensington Oval. You can watch a game of cricket at most times in Barbados. It may be an international Test Match, a One-Day at Kensington Oval, a local match, or an impromptu game on the beach, an open pasture or village field.

Polo season

Polo was introduced to Barbados by the British cavalry officers who were based on the island in the 19th century. Polo is played to a high level in Barbados, with several matches between the Barbados team and visiting international teams throughout the year. There are currently four polo fields in Barbados, located at Holders, Lion Castle, Water Hall and Clifton.

Cool Runnings

For the quintessential Bajan experience we say you can't beat buzzing around the bays on a catamaran cruise for a day of swimming with the turtles, watching flying fish gliding in and out of the waves, seeing a kaleidoscope of colours snorkelling at shipwrecks - or just relaxing with a rum punch and your toes dipped in the water. At Sugar Hill Estate, whenever we want to sail in style, we call up Cool Runnings. Warm and welcoming, they'll do their utmost to ensure that the most memorable day of your holiday is the one aboard Cool Runnings. And the great news is that Cool Runnings is offering a 10% discount on all its cruises exclusively for the residents and guests at Sugar Hill Estate.

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